Yilan One Day Tour (Departs every Tue, Thu, and Sat.)

  • 售價:
  • 大人
  • 每人訂金:
  • 團費的100%
  • 團費說明:
  • NT$ 999 / person
  • 包含項目:
  • The fee includes:
    1. Bus fare, lunch and tickets.
    2. Insurance (Accident insurance coverage of NT$ 2 millions, accidental medical insurance of NT$200,000.
    3. Bus driver and Muslim friendly tour guide’s fee.

  • 不含項目:
  • The fee NOT includes:
    1.Personal Expense.
    2. Personal individual travel insurance .


Yilan One Day Tour

Ante Meridiem

Post Meridiem


▍Meihua lake bike trail (bikes for rent)

Meihua Lake is a natural reservoir and faces the mountains on three sides. It used to be called Dapi Lake and Jinghu (mirror lake) in the past. Due to the resemblance of the shape of the Lake to the Japanese apricot with five petals, it was renamed Meihua (like the pronunciation in Chinese of the Japanese apricot) Lake. In the scenic area, there is a path going around the Lake with a total length of about 4 km, which is suitable for tourists to bike along and enjoy the gorgeous lake scenery. Looking at the radiant and enchanting scenery in the lake water and listening to the birds chirping enable people forget their troubles and enjoy travelling around in nature.

▍Tiansongpi Station

Tiansongpi Station was constructed during the Japanese Colonial Period. It was one of the ten stations on the Taiping Mountain Forest Railway, Because of Tiansongpi Station with the appearance of light blue creating a unique, tranquil atmosphere, it was chosen to be a filming scene of the famous Taiwanese idol drama Autumn’s Concerto, which draws big crowds and attracts visitors to come here for taking pictures. This station is one of the hot scenic spots in Sanxing Township, Yilan County.

▍Lunch:Healthy Vegetarian buffet

▍Jimmy Square

The Jimmy Square situated around the Yilan Station .it was used to be an old railway staff dormitory. As Yilan happens to be the hometown of the famous illustrator, with the theme of “in memory of the transient scenery”, he created the first square in Taiwan featuring his own illustrations, in Yilan. The square still maintains the original historic buildings and old trees. Visitors who travel here can now slow down and stop for a while to appreciate the beautiful scenery in the surroundings.

Healthy Vegetarian buffet


  • 注意事項

    【Notes for Muslim-friendly travel】

      *This tour is only available from July to December
      *Tour requires a minimum of 20 guests
      1-1:Tour requires a minimum of 20 guests
      1-2:Try to bring a light pack as it’s hard to keep an eye on too much stuff.
      1-3:Please carry and take good care of the necessary documents, bills、personal ID or tickets.
      1-4:Please confirm the departure time as well as the arrival and departure ticket details to match the schedule.
      1-5:Please bring all necessary medications for conditions such as: flu, diarrhea, motion sickness. Also extra clothing and rain gear, sunglasses, hat and sunscreen.
      1-6:Please abide by the relevant national and local laws, follow the tour agreements and time schedule. During the tour, please look after and help each other so the tour will run smoothly.
      1-7:Please follow traffic safety rules and look after valuables.
      1-8:If you have a child, make sure he\she stays close to you.
      1-9:Look out for wild animals and hazards when in the nature. Do not walk alone.
      1-10:Possible changes could be made in the itinerary, costs and location due to irresistible natural factors. The travel agency reserves the right to alter the tour itinerary.
      1-11:Cancellation Policy
      *Cancellations are permitted up until 42 days before departure with a full refund.
      *Cancellations made 31~40 days before departure will receive a 90% retund.
      *Cancellations made 21~30 days before departure will receive a 80% retund.
      *Cancellations made 2~20 days before departure will receive a 70% retund.
      *Cancellations made 1 days before departure will receive a 50% retund.
      *The day Cancellations departure are non-refundable.
      *In the event of inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances, travel agent reserves the right to alter tour itinerary.

    1. 天氣